How Fast Do Baby Shrimp Grow? (Answered!)

If you’re a newcomer to the shrimp breeding hobby, one of your initial questions has likely been about how fast baby shrimp grow.

Knowing this information is helpful as a shrimp breeder. Ultimately, it depends on the species of shrimp you have. But it usually takes at least four months for them to grow and reach sexual maturity.

In this guide, I’ll discuss the general development process of baby shrimp and go over the potential steps to speed the process up.

how fast do baby shrimp grow


How Long Do Baby Shrimp Take to Grow?

Baby shrimp are hatched from eggs that are attached to the once-pregnant female shrimp for about 30 days. Right after they hatch, they are so tiny it can be hard to spot them in your aquarium.

Baby shrimp spend most of their time on the bottom of the tank. They eat the biofilm found on leaves, plants, rocks, or any other surfaces. When they get a little bit older, they eat leftover food from the bottom of the aquarium.

After around two months, the baby shrimp reach the juvenile stage. After that, it can take from four to even five months for them to become adults.

While the baby shrimp are growing, it’s essential that they aren’t subjected to danger while they’re still vulnerable. Avoid placing fish in the same tank as your shrimp, and make sure there are no other predators around. They will most likely eat the baby shrimp.

How Do You Make Baby Shrimp Grow Faster?

There are many things you can do to make sure your shrimp live a long life.

For example, if you maintain tank hygiene, feed them regularly, and create an environment in which they can thrive, your shrimp are sure to live for a reasonable period.

However, to make your shrimp grow faster, the only thing you can do is feed them with high-quality food.

Like adults, baby shrimp should have a healthy balanced diet consisting of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. In fact, you should use shrimp food made specifically for baby shrimp. If there isn’t any available in your local pet store, you can buy it online.

Not only is the food for baby shrimp very nutritious, but it’s crushed into tiny pieces, so that baby shrimp will be able to eat it.

In addition, since this type of food is so small, it spreads over the entire tank, making it easier for baby shrimp to find it.

In Summary

Whether you’re breeding shrimp for fun or doing it as a side business for profit, hopefully you now understand how fast baby shrimp grow to adequately prepare.

While there are many things you can do as a tank owner to make your shrimps’ lives longer, you can also help them grow faster with high-quality food. Just make sure they have a healthy environment to grow in.

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