Do Shrimp Need a Filter? (Solved!)

Even though shrimp are generally easy to take care of, there are certain things you should do as a tank owner to make sure they thrive. Equipping the tank with a filter is one of them.

Most freshwater shrimp species need an optimal filtration system to survive. Therefore, getting a high-quality tank filter for your shrimp is recommended.

So, do shrimp need a filter? They certainly do. This article will cover everything you need to know about filters for shrimp tanks.

do shrimp need a filter


Can I Keep Shrimp Without a Filter?

No matter what type of shrimp you own, you should provide them with the best possible care.

Even though most freshwater shrimp species are low-maintenance, they still require a clean tank.

Like fish, shrimp produce bodily waste, which causes bacteria in the aquarium to grow rapidly.

Without a filter, your shrimp won’t survive for long. Tank filters effectively remove any residue and contaminants from the water while maintaining the proper tank ecology to help your shrimp live longer.

Technically speaking, if you put effort into maintaining the tank’s biological environment daily, you won’t need a filter.

But this would mean cleaning the tank every day and several other responsibilities. You would also need to provide the right kind of plants.

For this reason, getting a filtration system simply pays off. A filter will make the maintenance process much easier and more manageable.

How Long Can Shrimp Live Without a Filter?

Many shrimp keepers believe that a filter isn’t necessary. This simply isn’t the case, as the shrimp wouldn’t be able to survive long without a proper filtration system.

While it’s true that shrimp clean the tank by themselves, it isn’t enough to keep the whole tank clean.

If kept in optimal conditions, freshwater shrimp can live for a couple of years. Without a filter, they wouldn’t be able to live for more than a few months.

If the tank has enough plant life (since plants produce oxygen), they can live slightly longer without a filter.

That said, they won’t reach optimal growth. So even if they survive for some time, they won’t be healthy, active, or happy.

What Are the Benefits of a Filter for Shrimp?

A filter produces quality water your shrimp need to survive.

If your shrimp live in an aquarium with a filter, they’re more likely to grow and reproduce. Filtered water has even been proven to help shrimp molt.

A tank that has a filter is much safer for shrimp. Not only does it remove harmful bacteria from the water, but trace elements that could possibly suffocate your shrimp as well.

Even a low level of nitrate or ammonia in your tank will make your shrimp ill, resulting in premature death.

Filters also help cultivate a healthy dose of beneficial bacteria that make the tank environment much safer to live in.

Sponge filters can also be a good food source, as beneficial bacteria grow on the surface.

Filtered tanks are much easier to clean and maintain, as you won’t be required to change the tank water as often.

Changing the tank water too frequently can harm the shrimp’s health, so by installing a filter, you’ll make sure your shrimp live long and happy lives.

What Type of Filter Should I Get for My Shrimp Tank?

When choosing a filter, there are many factors to consider.

Types of tank filters include sponge, canister, hanging, and under gravel filters. The type of filter you choose should mainly depend on the size of your tank.

Sponge filters are the most affordable option, and they’re the safest for the shrimp. However, if you have a larger tank of 20 to 30 gallons, canister filters are the best choice.

Here are some of the best aquarium filters for your shrimp:

AquaClear Fish Tank Filter

No matter what kind of shrimp you have, the AquaClear Fish Tank Filter will help maintain a healthy environment.

The multi-stage filtration system allows biological, chemical, and mechanical water filtration.

This filter is easy to install, and you only need to clean it every two weeks.

It comes in different sizes for tanks with 20 to 110 gallons of water.

Aquarium Technology Hydro-Sponge Filter

The Aquarium Technology Hydro-Sponge Filter works well for saltwater and freshwater shrimp, providing clean water.

The soft foam design increases oxygen and reduces protein buildup.

It’s easy to assemble. Since it’s a sponge filter, it doesn’t produce a lot noise as other filters do.

What’s more, this filter can be installed in small and large tanks. It can even fit 125-gallon tanks.

Fluval C Series Power Filter

If you’re looking for a filter for shrimp that’s easy to install, the Fluval C Series Power Filter has a clip-on design.

It can be used for tanks with 10 to 30 gallons of water, and it offers mechanical, biological, and chemical filtration.

What makes it even handier is its pop-up button that alerts you when it’s time to clean the tank.

In addition, it comes with a sponge pre-filter, which adds an extra layer of protection for your shrimp.

Aquarium Technology Filter Max Pre-Filter

If you want to get a sponge filter for your shrimp, the Aquarium Technology Filter Max Pre-Filter is an excellent option.

It fits tanks with 20 to 40 gallons of water. The soft foam produces bubbles that decrease protein buildup in the water.

This sponge filter also creates little to no noise during operation. It’s 100% safe to use and ideal for shrimp and small fish.

In Summary

A filter is more than necessary for a shrimp tank to survive and live long healthy lives.

Thankfully, there are various filters to choose from, and they’re available for all tank sizes.

Once you install a filter in your shrimp tank, your shrimp will be encouraged to grow, molt, and reproduce.

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